In Skopelos island there are two Ports. The first one is Glossa – Loutraki and the second one is Skopelos.
Skopelos is a beautiful island with natural beauty of a real paradise, full of green and deep blue that will give you the pleasure for great holiday.
Your daily route to the provincial road Glossa – Skopelos will amaze you since there are a lot of beaches anf villages that will attract you.
Skopelos will not let you get bored after features everything you need for beautiful and carefree vacation. The experience and resident’s love have given a guarantee over the years one of the most suitable holiday destinations.
Rented cars and motorcycles or even the public transportation are available every day.Another beach, a little further from Panormos is Milia beach which combines forest, sand and blue crystal waters.
Also if you want to get along in the footsteps of Mamma Mi Kastani beach and St.Ioannis, an old church on the top of a rock, were filmed many of the scenes of the film. Otherwise, a stroll around the island leads to amazing sights.
Don’t hesitate to visit the ancient monastery of the Annunciation on the hillside, from where you can see the entire city of Skopelos and the port.
In addition a trip to Glossa is a good idea. Glossa is a picturesque traditional village with steep, cobbled streets and white painted houses with blue windows and perfect view as tourists call it “the balcony of Aegean”.
Of course, getting to know the Sporades Group will not be completed without a sea trip. Excursions are organized by boat for a day trip with stops in inaccessible and remoted beaches. Then you can reach in the island of Kyra Panagia or the Marine Park.
The adventure in our island does not end here! There is a road crossing and the beautiful green mountains will not let you get bored as you will have the opportunity to keep the magic of the view and the peace of the landscape through your lens…